Pura Oil by Peerless Foods

<p><b>From frying to culinary oils,</b> Pura is the start of something brilliant.</p>

From frying to culinary oils, Pura is the start of something brilliant.

A range of quality frying and culinary oils suited for all your foodservice needs - from superior frying oils such as Pura Sun Ultra and Pura Enhance, to culinary oils such as Pura Canola and Pura Tuscan blend, all delivering superior results time after time.

High in ‘good’ fats (unsaturated), low in ‘bad’ fats (saturated) and Halal & Kosher approved, the Pura range of oils also have a neutral taste which allows the natural flavours of quality food to shine through.

To make quality food that impresses your customers, you first need to start with quality ingredients.


Pura Canola 15 litre bag-in-box


Pura Canola 20 litres

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Pura Tuscan 20 Litres


Pura Sun Ultra 20 litres


Six Crowns 20 Litres

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