Stage System Accessories

Select Concepts QUATTRO, PILOT, TITAN and MELBA Stage Systems provide multiple performance and event solutions. Purchase our Stage Systems individually or as a package and then add any of our comprehensive range of quality accessories to provide additional stage facilities that may be both visually appealing and to provide necessary safety aspects. Protect your long term investment with quality innovative Stage Accessories.

Stage Curtain and Valance Systems
  • Portable Stage Curtains
  • Retractable Stage Curtains
  • Valance Stage Curtains
  • Portable Drape Support System



Stage Steps 

Select Concepts manufacture in-house a selection of modular portable Stage Stairs suitable for all QUATTRO, PILOT and TITAN Portable Stage Systems.





Stage Rails

Portable Stage System Stage Rails are a visually attractive safety accessory. Manufactured in strengthened tubular steel to provide a safe sturdy rail system for both Stage Stairs and Stage perimeters, Select Concepts Stage Rails are available in 1mtr, 2mtr and 2.4mtr sections plus are available in a choice of classic designs.

In the case of Tiered Seating Stage Systems, Select Concepts provide the safety option of Chair Border Rails. These Chair Border Rails are simply attached to the rear of the QUATTRO or PILOT Stage podium to prevent chairs slipping off the podium and minimising the risk of accidents. 




Stage Storage Trolleys and Transport Trailers

Portable Stage Systems require totally transportable trolleys that are space efficient and allow the ease of movement of the Stage System from one venue to the next. 

Select Concepts have an innovatively simple storage and transport solution for our Portable Stage Podiums. Utilising one of the Stage Podiums as the Trolley Floor, just attach the supplied castor wheels and then stack the remaining Stage podiums.  This means no bulky trolley to store while your stage is in use.




Stage Wheelchair Access Ramps

From time to time both Portable and Permanent Stage Systems require the facility to provide access to the stage for wheelchairs, trolleys, mobile scenery flats, groups of performers and the like. Select Concepts design and manufacture Portable and Permanent Access Ramps utilising QUATTRO or PILOT Stage Podiums.

The core strength of the Australian designed and manufactured QUATTRO and PILOT Stage Podiums ensure all custom built Access Ramps are safe, secure and efficient. Every Access Ramp is specially designed to deliver a tailored solution for each client.





Drama Boxes – Versatile & Portable

Select Concepts manufacture Drama Boxes in a variety of sizes and finishes to fill every performance and event niche. 

Drama Boxes are highly suitable for multiple uses in Hotels & Clubs; sporting clubs; display/expo events; and shopping centre displays. Light to transport, easy to stack and display in multiple configurations.

Winners/Place Getter Podiums

Designed to order, our Winners Podiums are specifically suitable for numerous presentation requirements such as - Award Presentations, Sports Placegetter Presentations, Expo Displays, Product Displays and Team Presentation Events. These portable multi-level podiums are currently in use at clubs, pubs, schools, sports clubs, social clubs, churches, shopping centres, showgrounds and councils.

Scenery Panels/Room Dividers/Free Standing Notice Boards

Portable reusable Scenery Panels are custom made for a multitude of requirements.



Accessorise every meeting room, church, school hall, lecture hall, board room, auditorium and conference centre with a Select Concepts Portable Lectern.




Podium Colours and Finishes

Classic Black is always a tried and true finish for Select Concepts Stage Podiums. But, why not give your Stage System some added life and choose any of the variety of colours now available in either Timber Stain or Marine Grade Carpet to finish the Stage System Podiums?

Marine Carpet Colours




 Timber Finish Colours



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