How to conserve $2 million cash in business

Whatever type of life you live, chances are today’s fast-paced world has your body beat.  Everyone needs space to switch off their phone and relax, and Bartercard members can do so without the blow out cost at Living Valley.

Tucked away in Kin Kin on the Sunshine Coast, Living Valley is a calming sanctuary serving up a range of treatments like naturopathy, remedial therapies, massage, beauty treatments, detox, fitness and psychology - all set in beautiful surrounds.  

Its founders Gary and Debbie Martin were Sydney professionals who took a sea change over 30 years ago to study natural medicine. They founded the 145 acre Kin Kin retreat with their original partners Les and Kaye Shaw in 1990 to relieve sickness, suffering and distress while providing optimal care for the body and mind. Today their daughter Giselle Alford is continually refining the retreat as CEO, managing a team of over 50 personnel.  

Conserving $2 million cash

Since joining Bartercard, a cashless marketplace 21 years ago, Living Valley has conserved over $2 million across expansion and renovation, advertising and marketing, travel, gifts and team bonuses.

They do this by transacting in a digital currency called trade dollars which they earn every time they welcome a guest on Bartercard, then spend with other Bartercard members to conserve cash.  

Bartercard stays are exclusive – the ‘seven-day healthy holiday package’ is available to just one Bartercard guest per week, but it’s created exposure in a competitive market and many cash-paying referrals for the retreat.

“We welcome guests on Bartercard and they always tell other people about their experience - it’s one of the main advantages of joining the trade-based marketplace,” said Giselle.      

The retreat recently used Bartercard to purchase new flooring for their on-site shop, paying for the materials in cash and putting the labour on Bartercard. They also used Bartercard to purchase special flooring for their new gym.

The retreat’s founder Gary said Bartercard provides many ways to spend trade dollars instead of cash.

“There’s a jeweller in Brisbane who accepts Bartercard which is great for gifts. I believe he uses his trade dollars to buy property. There’s also a clock shop at Montville on Bartercard where I was able to purchase a $1,800 watch for a staff member in appreciation for twenty years’ service.”

Members can additionally conserve cash at hundreds of restaurants and cafes, hotels and resorts worldwide and on a range of products and services.  

If you want to take a break, we’ve found the leading place. Visit and book a customised healthy holiday to rest and rejuvenate.

They also have a full-service day-spa to boot, using all-natural and chemical-free clean beauty products. 

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