Got Burgers? Get Milk Buns!

Milk Buns Cheese Burger

Milk buns have taken the burger world by storm and our brand new buns are made from milk, glazed with egg, baked fresh and snap frozen, ready for you to simply thaw & serve.

We've been working hard to create the most exciting burger buns on the block so check out our milk buns. They’re lighter, more textured and less sweet than brioche, which means your diners can now enjoy those flavours you’ve been working so hard to develop. Our bakers have spent day and night creating the perfect combination of texture, flavour and glaze so you can be the burger hero you deserve to be.

We've done our research and are happy to share some insights on the current buns in market. Read more.


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Milk buns brochure cover


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September 19th 2017



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