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You'll applaud our stylish and durable, easy to operate dispenser range that suits every hygiene point.

Manual & Touch Free Hand Dispensers
Highly versatile, both manual and touch free units are made with the same unique interchangeable mechanism’s for foam or liquid soaps with corresponding pumps that can be switched between models.  Pods (bottles) are replaced when the container is empty, they’re never open to air or germs so safety integrity is never compromised.


 Jasol loves hands

Foaming Soaps & Sanitisers


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Safe T Guard
Alcohol free foaming hand sanitiser
A biodegradable, alcohol and fragrance free hand sanitiser used in food processing and hospitality facilities.

EC6 Foaming Handwash Antibacterial
Environmentally responsible handwash, fragrance free foaming antibacterial handwash, tough on germs but soft on hands.
EC6 Product 3 

EC21 Product 4 

EC21 Foaming Handwash Perfumed
Environmentally responsible creamy, foam handwash, blended to be tough on dirt and grime but soft on your hands. Ideal for use in all wash rooms, leaving your hands smelling fresh and clean.

EC23 Foaming All-Over Body Wash
Environmentally responsible body wash, with its rich creamy formula and fresh fragrance,your body will feel great after use.

EC23 Product 5 

Advance foam soap product 6

Advance Foam Soap
Advanced foaming soap perfumed, tough on germs, but soft on your hands. Fragrance free.

Liquid Soaps/Sanitisers

Soft Hands
Antibacterial foaming handwash, non-perfumed, ideal for use in all washroom situations across the Hospitality sector to ensure optimum level of personal hygiene.


Soft Hands Product 7

Safe Hands Product 8

Safe Hands
Anti-microbial hand wash for the  food processing areas, ideal in kitchens with built in emollients this product is used in areas where very frequent hand washing is required.

Bath and Shower
High quality hand and body soap, gentle to skin, rich creamy foam, pleasant fragrance, contains emollients.

Bath and Shower Product 9

Instant Hand Sanitiser product 10

Instant Hand Sanitiser
Hand sanitiser for food processing and kitchen areas; alcohol based with emollients, rapid evaporation to leave hands feeling smooth.

Specialty Range

Moistened antibacterial wet wipes for cleaning and deodorising hands and surfaces 


Safe T Guard Product 12

Safe T Guard 50ml Pump Bottle
A handy personal 50ml foam, hand sanitiser that is alcohol free needing no water but keeping hands bacteria free.

Safe T Guard 500ml Pump Bottle
A larger foaming, alcohol free instant sanitiser, ideal for counter tops that keep hands free from spreading bacteria and germs.

Instant Hand Sanitiser Product 13


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24th July 2018


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