Detpak RecycleMe™ hot cups


As has been widely reported, approximately one billion coffee cups are added to landfill in Australia and New Zealand annually. Most coffee cups feature a waterproof plastic lining which makes them unable to be easily recycled, but at Detpak, we are changing this.

To address this critical issue, Detpak has been working proactively for 18 months to develop long-term solutions that will allow paper cups to be recycled through common paper and board recycling processes.

Our new range of paper cups are branded RecycleMe™, with distinctive blue imagery and clear messaging about disposal for ease of consumer identification. We’ve partnered with Smart Planet Technologies to release a new cup lining that is easy to recycle through existing channels. The new paper cups feature this lining, and in-market trials will take place in the next three months.

To successfully bring this cup to market, we are teaming with recyclers, councils and other organisations committed to reducing the number of coffee cups sent to landfill.

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June 20th 2017



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