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Soak, Wash, Polish, Perfect

HIT-CSP has been developed to work in commercial kitchens as a pre wash soak that strips cutlery of food before washing.

When used in conjunction with your commercial dishwasher and a cutlery polisher, we have observed a near 100% cleanliness rate, compared to using a dishwasher alone. We also noticed an additional sparkle to the cutlery.

We believe this is a real game changer in cutlery processing automation. The results are phenomenal.

The product is slightly caustic when diluted and does need gloves when being used.

Instructions should be followed and all precautions taken as per the label.

Here is a basic guide to usage:

  • Dosage: 1 Scoop (1/2 a cup) per 10 litres of warm water
  • Time to soak: 15 minutes with fresh soiled cutlery (longer with dry cutlery)
  • Rinse cutlery
  • Wash in commercial dish washer as usual
  • Introduce into a HIT Equipment cutlery polisher while still wet
  • Perfect finish
  • Solution can be reused several times

MSDS available here

At only $67.00 inc GST per 5kg, this is a low cost solution to perfect cutlery.


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August 10th 2017



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