Why Choose Elgas for your cooking and hot water needs?

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Elgas makes it easy... so you can focus on your guests.

  • No manual handling
  • Elgas manage stock so you so you don’t have to worry
  • Pay only for the LPG you use
  • It’s like having reticulated gas without the line connection costs
  • Easy & convenient

Elgas experts can tailor a usage plan to help reduce consumption and running costs.

An energy partner you can rely on.

Elgas has a strong commitment to safety and customer support. Wherever you are, there’s a local Elgas representative near you to provide technical know-how, staff training and personal service. We even have a 24-hour hotline should you need us after hours or in an emergency.

Keep your guests happy with continuous flow hot water from Elgas!

  • Delivers constant supply of on-demand hot water
  • No need for storage tanks
  • Can be mounted internally or outdoors
  • Ideally suited for heavy use applications
  • Ideal for large quantities of hot water over a short time period
  • Programmed temperature control for maximum safety for your guests


The right hot water system to suit your needs

Some of the benefits include:

  • Never have customer complaints about the lack of hot water
  • LPG hot water systems are quiet. They won’t keep your guests awake at night.
  • No worries about peak and off peak rates with LPG
  • No pumps and motors that can break down and require servicing, as is the problem with heat pumps
  • Even multiple units take up little space and are typically mounted outdoors to save valuable interior space

Why do so many chefs choose to cook with and use LPG gas?

  • Far more responsive
  • Flexibility for a wide range of cooking methods
  • Ideal for heating your restaurant inside and out.
  • Cost effective solution

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For more information visit www.elgas.com.au or call 131 161


February 13th 2018.


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