StorPlus™ EZ Access Food Pan Lids

Collaborative Engineering

We consulted with key end users, ensuring that the most common problems, caused by existing designs, were addressed


Problems we solved:


  1. "Flipping" off
  2. Cleanability
  3. Accessablity
  4. Storage


Features & Benefits:

50% - 60% Larger Opening

  • Larger openings ensure employees’ don’t scrape their hands against sidewalls.
  • Food pan contents can be reached using utensils quickly & easily - no matter the size of the utensil.


Secure Fit & Rolled Shoulders

  • Taller side walls provide a secure fit to ensure lids won’t “flip” off.
  • Rolled shoulder provide strength  & durability unmatched by any competitor.


Double-hinged Design & NSF Listed


  • Durability that is unmatched by any competitor in the industry.
  • NSF Listed; unmatched cleanability.


Ergonomic Tabs & Peg Hole

  • Shaped to provide an easy tab for employees to lift with their hand or any utensil they are holding.
  • Peg holes provide ideal hanging/storage solution.


Top Applications:


  • Buffets
  • Drink stations
  • Salad bars
  • Ice cream/frozen yogurt topping stations



  • Prep tables
  • Pizza table
  • High volume items where quick access is needed
  • Anywhere where ingredients/toppings are closely stored



 November 3rd 2016


Carlisle Foodservice Products