Colour-Coded Products by Carlisle

Carlisle Colour-Coded Products

Carlisle's StorPlus™ Color-Coded Food Storage System fits right into your HACCP color-coded food safety program by preventing hazardous cross-contamination and promoting safe food storage and handling.
Transparent, dishwasher-safe and NSF Certified, StorPlus™ rugged polycarbonate boxes come in five colors and can withstand temperatures from -40ºC to 100°C. Featuring date indicators on all four sides to make food indentification and inventory control a breeze.
StorPlus™ color-coded lids are stackable, reversible, and designed to prevent spillage and moisture loss to maintain food quality and maximize freshness.
 Sparta® Spectrum® Tank & Kettle Brushes Atlas Multi-Purpose Brushes  Polypropylene Block Kitchen Brushes  Sparta® Spectrum® Fiberglass Handles
 Flo-Thru Handles  Sparta® Spectrum® Color-Coded Squeegees  Boot 'n Shoe Brush  Looped-End Premium Wet Mops
 Mopping Accessories  Microfiber Cleaning Solutions  Sparta® Spectrum® Sanitary Shovels  Sparta® Spectrum® Cutting Board Accessories
 Sparta® Spectrum® Cutting Boards  One Gallon Container  StorPlus™ Round Containers  StorPlus™ Food Storage Boxes & Lids
 StorPlus™ Square Food Storage Containers  Polypropylene Deck Scrub Brushes  Sparta® Spectrum® Hi-Lo™ Floor Scrub Brushes  Wall & Equipment Brushes
 Steri-Pail® & Suds-Pail® (Round)  Steri-Pail® & Suds-Pail® (Square)  Microfiber Cleaning Kits  Sparta® Spectrum® Counter Brushes
 Sparta® Spectrum® Wand Brushes  Sparta® Spectrum® Color-Coded Brush Racks  Step-On Waste Containers  Sparta® Spectrum® Supermarket Kits
 Sparta® Spectrum® General Clean Up Brushes  Sparta® Spectrum® Clean-In-Place Brushes  Tile & Grout Brushes  Swivel Scrub® Floor Brush
 Sparta® Spectrum® Color-Coded Omni Sweeps®  Sparta® Spectrum® Cutting Board Brushes  Sparta® Spectrum® Bottle, Jar & Jug Brushes  Sparta® Spectrum® Tygon Tubing Pipe Brushes
 Spatulas & Paddle Scrapers  TrimLine™ Waste Containers  Bronco™ Waste Containers & Lids  Carlisle Dollies
August 9th 2016

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