Jasol Floorcare Range - because first impressions count

Jasol is pleased to introduce a totally new standard in floor finish to the Australian Hospitality marketplace. This floor care range excels in all maintenance systems, outlasts and outshines all expectations.

For a lasting first impression, Jasol works hard to provide safe, value add sustainable solution’s for health, productivity and the environment and our new, innovative floor care range does just that!

  • Readily biodegradable
  • Improves slip resistance
  • Low Volatile organic compound’s (VOC) and odourless
  • Zinc Free
  • EcoLogoTM Certified (under Manufacturer)

Floorcare Stripper

Floorcare Stripper

Jasol’s next generation ‘green’ stripper, is an effective, low foaming floor stripper that attacks all finishes –  it’s sustainable and conventional – instantly, whitening by re-emulsifying.   Jasol’s Floorcare Stripper instantly goes to work, apply to old floor coatings and watch the coating whiten - a sure sign of penetration, dissolving the finish & wax build up on floors.

Jasol Enhancer

Floorcare Enhancer

Jasol is pleased to supply a robust Floorcare Enhancer, a buffing and burnishing compounds/floor finish restorer with a high dilution, floor maintenance product that can be used in multi-methods to maintain or restore damaged and dulled acrylic-based floor coatings to a deep vibrant gloss.

Jasol Finish

Floorcare Finisher

Jasol’s Floorcare Finisher, brings a new standard in floor care by combining an unequalled level of environmental preference with performance, which surpasses conventional floor finish technology. It excels with all maintenance systems; scrub and recoat, spray buff or burnish. Gaining a tough, black-mark resistant shine with no powdering or discolouration.  If first impression’s count for your business, then this is the floorcare system for you.

Jasol Low Foam 2

Floorcare All Purpose Cleaner (Low Foam)

Jasol’s Floorcare All Purpose cleaner (revised formula) is the single, effective option for many routine cleaning jobs. Highly concentrated, gentle to hands, requires no rinsing and leaves a fresh clean fragrance that has been specifically formulated for compatibility with any floor finish, with a specific hardness when used with the Floorcare Finisher. 

Jasol Deep Scrub

Floorcare Deep Scrub

Jasol’s heavy duty floor cleaner is part of a series of products specifically developed with sustainability and the environment at the forefront.  It has been formulated to be safer for the product user, occupants, and the environment when compared to traditional products. It is neutral in use dilution and engineered to penetrate the Jasol Floorcare finishes without affecting the film structure.


April 6th 2017


Jasol : Cleaning & Hygiene

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