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Sydney Hilton’s new $1.5 million Glass Brasserie restaurant

Luke Mangan’s Glass Brasserie Restaurant at the Sydney Hilton is now open for business after a $1.5 million refurbishment.

The refurbishment has created a new state of the art 200 square metre kitchen with two executive chefs: one operating the Hilton 5-star hotel breakfast service and the second, who is part of the Luke Mangan group, heading up the lunch and dinner service.

The kitchen has been remodelled to create an open-plan space that offers diners a full view of the chef’s team at work.

Adding to the allure of the place will be a new chef’s table.

It will be located adjacent to the kitchen.

It has been designed to offer intimate groups an exclusive dining experience that includes a specially-created degustation menu. 

The design was created by the Rohrig Group and the A+ Design Group working with  MKN, a German market leader in cooking technology and Phoenix, the leading supplier of Premium European Commercial Kitchen equipment in Australia,

During the design phase, a life size model was built, the working situation was simulated and the design was reality-tested for functionality, longevity and ongoing costs.  This enabled everyone to identify potential problems or opportunities in the design.

It also allowed the design to be optimised accordingly.

In his statement, Luke Mangan said: “The kitchen is the heart and soul of a restaurant. We wanted to ensure that we stayed true to the glass that our customers know and love, whilst also evolving the offering to reflect the changing dynamic of fine dining. It was essential that the kitchen lived up to the expectations of the modern diner, which it certainly does.”

Mangan has created eight new dishes and six desserts for the Glass Brasserie’s autumn menu.

It will feature mozzarella nodini with smoked heirloom tomato, olive, almond, basil, crouton and Moreton bay bugs served with black garlic, chilli, lime and witflof.


Leon Getler 15th March.