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Liberal win boosts funding for Tasmanian Hospitality Association.

The Liberal Party win in last week’s Tasmanian state election provided dividends for the Tasmanian Hospitality Association.

The fiercely pro-pokies Association has had its funding more than triple following the Liberal party’s victory.

It will receive $6.8 million over four years.

That’s well above what it received in the last term of government, when the THA got about $2 million over the four year period.

The funds include $2.8 million to extend the Great Customer Experience, $3 million for Workforce Development, money for the Stop the Coward's Punch campaign and cash for sporting clubs, RSLs and clubs.

The THA and the Love Your Local Group campaigned hard for the Liberals in the state election, and very much against the Labor policy to remove poker machines.

The Liberal Party policy did not detail its funding commitment to the THA.

Questioned by the ABC, a government spokesman confirmed the THA will receive $1.7 million a year over the next four years.

"[It] will allow the THA to ensure the industry can continue to meet demand and ensure that the visitor experience matches our reputation as a premium destination," the spokesman told the ABC.

Independent MP Andrew Wilkie said the funding deal was scandalous.

"Any reasonable person would say it is corruption, it may be lawful, but it is a deep corruption of governance and proper process," Mr Wilkie told the ABC.

Tasmanian Hospitality Association general manager Steve Old denied the money was paying the THA back for helping the Liberals get elected.

"We have shown on the record that we do amazing stuff for hospitality industry for Tasmania and it is the best bang for buck for government,” Mr Old told the ABC.

"We put a detailed policy to both major parties mid to late last year in relation to how we are going to grow the hospitality industry and deal with the issues about workforce development, skills shortages."


Leon Getler 10th March