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Coffee liqueur brand Tia Maria, has launched the Tia Maria + Coffee Project in Australia, a global initiative uniting coffee culture and the cocktail hour.

In keeping with the international direction of aligning with bespoke coffee roasters in each region, Tia Maria has teamed up with Rosebery based Welcome Dose Specialty Coffee to launch the project to Sydney trade and media.

Complete with a fully-operating coffee roaster on-site, co-owners, Kit Cheong and Michael Cookson are serious about premium coffee, living and breathing the bean-to-cup philosophy. Creating an overall experience for consumers, Welcome Dose share their secrets on the coffee process from their roasting through to brewing methods.

Tia Maria Brand Ambassador, Matteo Fabbris explains the flavour sensations of Tia Maria when combined with quality beans and the synergy between our baristas and bartenders. 

As the global love for coffee booms, coffee lovers around the world are now enjoying their favourite drink from morning cup through to evening cocktail. And research shows that almost half of cocktail drinkers regularly choose flavoured cocktails including those mixed with coffee (source: CGA Mixed Drinks Report 2016).

Tia Maria is leading the coffee cocktail trend with the Tia Maria + Coffee Project, giving coffee connoisseurs the opportunity to sip on innovative coffee cocktails thanks to recipes crafted by renowned mixologists and expert baristas.

Matteo Fabbris says; “There’s an increasing love for coffee cocktails, which can be seen at world-class bars in key cocktail cities, while artisan coffee houses are now serving cocktails through the night as a café nightlife culture continues to emerge. The bartender and barista play a very similar role so it’s no surprise we’ve brought the two together to drive this new coffee revolution.”

No other liqueur can make a coffee cocktail quite like Tia Maria, an exotic infusion of natural vanilla and the finest fresh Arabica coffee beans roasted to perfection, complemented with a touch of Jamaican rum. Tia Maria is made using a blend of 100% Arabica coffee, among the best in the world, providing strong character, a full-bodied taste, and a sweet tendency. The beans are expertly roasted, ground and left to macerate to produce this exceptional coffee liqueur.   

A new elegant bottle design featuring a contemporary twist is now available, with smooth lines giving fresh definition to the timeless Tia Maria silhouette for a more slender outline.

Flavio Lasalandra, International Marketing Director at Tia Maria, adds; “With the taste for coffee at an all-time high, coffee cocktails have never been more popular and Tia Maria is certainly happy to be leading the charge. We’re urging all coffee lovers out there to unite and join us.”

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